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What You Need For A Press Release

START WITH A  GREAT HEADLINE:  setting up your press release for success starts with your headline. You only have one line to work with, which can seem scary, but consider diction carefully to make your headline captivating. Use action verbs, clear, understandable language, and keep your headline simple and short.

ASK YOURSELF: What is the value? Would anyone care about this announcement? Is this story relevant & interesting to my target audience? The first paragraph of your release should cover the who, what, why, where, and how of your new launch, update, or development.

START WITH AN OUTLINE: The ideal length of a press release is about 300-400 words, which is only three or four short paragraphs and a few quotes. Start with a 3-4 section outline of the story and then write one or two sentences for each. Remember bullet points are your friend – they make your story easier to skim and make important points stand out. The news summary included with the release must also be no longer than two sentences. Double-space all content and cover the five W’s of the newsworthy event in the first paragraph: who, what, why, where, and when.

  • Include a date for the release, making sure to specify whether the release is intended for immediate publication or should be released at a later time. If it is for future release, state the date that it must be officially distributed.For example: What are you doing that will change the world (not just for you) detail the benefits of your new product or service and give some examples of how it is improving the lives of others, generating sales or any other positive advantages it brings.
  •  Best thing about your company, etc– Including a quote from a reliable source either within the company or someone who has benefited from their service or product that provides validation for what they do and give readers more confidence in their offering.
  • Include any milestones, awards received or key personnel that might be newsworthy.

USE A QUOTE: Remember, a journalist may end up using the quote in their story word for word so make sure it includes the main message. It should also read like a real person, and sound like something you would say and avoid the use of technical language or buzz

USE CLEAR, CONCISE LANGUAGE that describes an upcoming event or reports on a recent event, such as a book publication or notable conference. The press release may also notify the readers of changes in personnel within an organization or significant modifications  to their procedures and policies.

NOTE: There should not be any email addresses within the body of the release. If an email address is required, use this formatting: name (at) service (dot) com.

The press release should not contain HTML tags, tables, line breaks, or any other non-traditional characters. Capitalization should follow standard grammar etiquette. Capitalizing complete words for emphasis is strongly discouraged.If the press release is longer than a single page, include the word “more” at the bottom of every page. In addition, include the release subject and/or your name on every proceeding page. Include the word “end” at the bottom of the final page.

You’re ready to announce your milestone, event, etc and share it with your community, industry, and followers. But now what? We can help!

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