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Indoors, outdoors, studio or on-location… What is best for your professional headshot?

A headshot is a tightly cropped portrait that typically only includes the head and shoulders. The subject’s face is the primary focus. Unlike a passport your professional image is more than a cropped face shot or quick snapshot. It is something that makes an immediate impression. Your professional headshot should look like you on a good day, should reflect not only your brand but reflect your personality and convey who you are. Your headshot should reveal your character and allow others to relate to you on an emotional level, making people think, “I want to meet them.”.

Getting a high-quality headshot is crucial for building a strong online and offline reputation, especially where one’s personal branding is involved. As you prepare for your headshots you may wonder which is better outside, in your community, in a studio or perhaps inside your workplace. They all have their pros and cons, and which one is best for you depends on your personal preferences, the image you want to convey, and your budget.

Headshots can be taken anywhere; they don’t have to be taken inside a studio. There are some advantages and disadvantages to taking headshots in a studio. There isn’t a clear-cut right or wrong answer when it comes to taking your headshots in a studio, on location, or outside. Choosing a location will come down to which setting best reflects your brand and personal preferences. The best answer to this question relies on you and how you will use the images.

Studio vs. Workplace:

  • Studio: Many professional photographers prefer using a studio for headshots. Studios provide controlled lighting conditions, backdrops, and equipment to ensure a polished and consistent look. This is especially important if you need to maintain a consistent brand image across your company or online platforms. It allows the photographer to have complete control over the environment.:
  • Workplace: Some photographers may offer on-location services and can set up a portable studio in your workplace. This option can provide a more personalized touch by incorporating your work environment into the background.

Inside vs. Outside:

  • Inside (studio or workspace): Indoor settings are often preferred for headshots as they allow for better control of lighting conditions. Studios and workplaces provide a controlled environment, reducing the impact of external factors like weather.
  • Outside: Outdoor headshots can offer a more natural and casual look. They are suitable for certain industries and personal branding styles. However, photographers need to consider factors like weather and lighting changes.

Workplace Headshots:

On location headshots can provide numerous advantages. It offers a more natural setting that reflects both your personality and your brand. When you use your office space or other workplace location, it showcases your environment and industry, adding a personal touch to your headshot, which makes you stand out from your competition. An on-location photoshoot provides plenty of variety and creativity over a studio headshot session. You have a variety of relevant backgrounds to choose from, including poses and lighting. Shooting on-location is a great time saver, which is especially beneficial for companies that need to update headshots for several employees. It is also a great time to consider adding the service of obtaining branding shots at the same time.

One small disadvantage to on-location headshots is control over the environmental lighting. The photographer will need to adjust the lighting in each location. Scheduling conflicts may also be an issue. You may have to limit the shooting to a specific time of day to get the best lighting in a certain area or set a time when staff is not around.

Studio Headshots

There are several distinct advantages to taking headshots in a studio. The headshot is taken against a plain background, which is usually a neutral color like white, gray, or black. Artificial lighting is in use to ensure proper lighting. Since the photographer controls the lighting, it is consistent, and it won’t matter what time of day or night the images are captured. Studio headshots include a simple, clean background and style that doesn’t distract from the subject of the photo. The studio headshot background is easily replicated, which is perfect for members of a team such as on a website page for consistency, etc.

There are a few disadvantages to studio headshots. For instance, you may need to travel to the studio for the photo shoot. It is also uncomfortable for some people to stand or sit in front of a camera, especially if others are present, making it difficult to get a more natural shot. However, most professional photographers with years of experience are pros at helping subjects feel at ease in front of the camera.

Outside Headshots

Taking photos outside in natural light can provide a softer, fresher feel than ones taken indoors. Some advantages of taking headshots outdoors include an instant atmosphere and beautiful manufactured backdrop. Just choose an outdoor location that has the aesthetics you prefer, such as a waterscape, park, or a streetscape. Also, outdoor photography can take advantage of natural lighting, and there are no walls closing in on the subject so one tends to feel freer and more comfortable. Outdoor shooting can also provide the advantage of seasonal features such as the burst of fall colors or bright hues of spring and can be difficult to recreate in the studio environment.

Where there are a few cons to outdoor photoshoots, most of them are not deal breakers but simply worth considering when setting up for a shoot. Weather, of course, will always need to be considered by keeping up with the latest local forecasts. Also, remember that when you are shooting outdoor headshots in a public place, you are not guaranteed privacy. Where the sun is in position in the sky plays a large part in the lighting and shadows on the subject as well.

Your Budget:  Budget is an important factor to consider when choosing between a studio and on-location headshot. Ultimately, the choice between a studio and on-location headshot should align with your budgetary constraints and your goals for the quality and style of the headshot. Discussing your budget openly with potential photographers allows for transparency and may lead to tailored solutions that meet both your financial considerations and your professional image requirements.

  • Studio shoots typically require more equipment and setup, which can make them more expensive. Determine whether the additional costs associated with a studio shoot align with the specific benefits you seek in terms of aesthetics and control.
  • On-location shoots may be more cost-effective since they don’t require as much equipment or rental space. Photographers who offer on-location services may have portable equipment, reducing setup and but may charge a travel charge.
  • Considerations for budget- friendly options: If budget is a significant concern, discuss this with potential photographers. Some may offer package deals to do an entire office or team or offer discounts for on-location shoots.
  • Balancing Quality and Budget: This is a biggie! While it’s important to be mindful of costs, prioritize the quality of the headshot. A high-quality image can have a substantial impact on your professional image and online presence so make sure you look at the photographer’s portfolio and make sure their work lines up with what you want to convey with your portraits. Communicate your budget constraints with the photographer and explore options for achieving a balance between cost and quality.
  • Long Term Investment: Consider professional headshots as a long-term investment in your personal brand. If well-crafted, an image can be versatile and used across various platforms over an extended period of several years providing you a significant return on your investment.

Choosing a Professional Photographer:

A professional headshot has the potential to propel your business career, so you want to choose a photographer you ultimately feel comfortable around, who can help you relax, put your best foot forward and pose. Here are a few tips when choosing your professional photographer.

  • Look for a photographer with experience in headshot photography
  • Review their portfolio to ensure they capture the style you’re looking for.
  • Read their reviews
  • Communicate your preferences, whether it’s a formal studio look or a more relaxed outdoor setting.
  • Look for a photographer with ideas: Good photographers will be a great source for providing exceptional ideas and not rely solely on you to provide poses and details of what you want
  • Make sure to ask the photographer about how busy they are and how far in advance you may need to schedule a photo shoot. For outdoor shoots, check with them about how they deal with weather conditions, cancelations, rescheduling, etc.
  • Choose a photographer with a friendly and outgoing demeaner. Your chosen photographer would be friendly and easy to work with. They should be concerned about you and want you to get the headshot you need.
  • Additional tips:
    • Dress professionally and in a way that reflects your industry and personality but avoid loud prints and harsh colors. Discuss your wardrobe with your photographer.
    • Practice good posture and facial expressions to convey confidence.
    •  Discuss any issues you have with getting your picture taken with your photographer and ask about their retouching services and preferences.

Remember, the choice between studio, workplace, inside or outdoors really depends on you! It also depends on your industry, personal brand, and the image you want to convey. It’s essential to collaborate with a professional photographer who understands your goals, listens to your needs, and can tailor them to your session accordingly.

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