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focused on solutions to the obstacles
focused on solutions to the obstacles


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S. Carolina

"I am impressed with the work that was done for my logo. Fabulous business Solutions was timely, proficient, professional, and understanding. They met my needs and fulfilled my design idea and color for my logo. I would recommend Fabulous Business Solutions for anyone interested in getting a logo design."



Michelle and her team did a great job at communicating every step of the way. The tasks were done at the proper time. She was helpful and enjoyable and met my expectations.



Working with the fabulous business solutions was a great experience. The logo services were awesome. I am so happy I choose Michelle and Fabulous Business Solutions to design it for me. Very professional and listened to my input and my concerns.



I was struggling to create a logo for my business group, but I couldn't quite get it right. I wanted something vibrant and eye-catching. Michelle listened to what I had in mind and created a beautiful logo that captured just what I had envisioned. I was so pleased when I saw the final result! She was a lifesaver.



Michelle is a long time entrepreneur & is a "doer." She shows up & expertly accomplishes whatever needs to be done. She has many talents & gifts from creativity & design & writing to business skills. I highly recommend her.



Thank you! I enjoyed our conversation & it was filled with so much helpful info. I’m glad we took the extra time to brainstorm & come up with some spectacular ideas.Thank you for that time & your ideas. All of your info will greatly outweigh the cost!



The work that the team at Fabulous Business Solutions did helped me gain a grant for my business. Michelle was very professional and answered questions I had even after the initial job was completed. Highly recommend.


S. Carolina

Michelle herself, has created a beautiful sponsorship package & invitations for my non profit. She also introduced me to her contacts to share my mission. She has great leadership skills & a creative approach to expressing herself & promotes businesses & people with respect.


Michelle is the best of the best. She is very transparent with honesty as she is upfront in everything, she is providing for you step by step. I have written several books but was not sure of how to go about getting them published. I called her for help with my first book and she nurtured me, took me by my hand and guided me through the entire process. She has a lot of patience and is loaded with great ideas.



Thank you so much for providing Fabulous Business Solutions Canva 101 Training. I was eager to learn how to navigate Canva as a tool to boost my business social marketing and creative visualization to increase clients engagement. Prior to my training experience with your business, I spent months procrastinating with feelings of being technologically intimidated with using Canva. Fabulous Business Solutions training exceeded my expectations: perfectly paced for real time application, explored diverse tools for content creation options, on-the-spot content creation, and provided a free resource directory for budget friendly social marketing platform tools. Fabulous Business Solutions 5-Star Canva 101 training is highly recommended for anyone seeking practical, real time, creative social marketing training.


S. Carolina

Michelle and her team have been so instrumental in helping me achieve my goals as a restaurant owner/businesswoman and her work is done incredibly well.


Sweet J's Clubhouse

Michelle is very personable and her services are wonderful. She and her team are talented and creative. I highly recommended Fabulous Business Solutions.



Michelle and her team did a FABULOUS job, literally, updating my website. She knew my industry, rewrote copy perfectly, and she was fast and efficient! She was affordable and simply amazing. I am so happy with the overhaul, and her service and attention to detail. I highly recommend her!


Michelle is a very personable woman and an expert in her focus. SHe asks thought provoking questions in order for her and her team to provide their customers with the best possible services they can to help meet their goals. It was a pleasure working with Michelle.


Michelle was awesome to work with!!!! She provided our organization with high-quality work in little to no time at all. She is a woman of many talents.


Michelle and her team believe in getting things done. They have a diversity of tools to get to the most appropriate solution. Michelle is a joy to work with.


Michelle and her team created my author website and Michelle designed my latest book cover and helped me through the entire process. I have been using Focus on Fabulous for years and Michelle is fantastic!

Happy Clients

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