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What is a media kit & why do you need one

What exactly is a media kit?


A media kit, also called a press kit, is a packet full of marketing materials and information that promotes a person or business. Media kits are an excellent way to introduce your brand to people unfamiliar with it, such as influencers, event attendees, journalists, or prospective clients.
Some people may disregard the importance of a media kit. After all, everything anyone needs to know about a business is on the website, right? Not really. These people don’t realize that media kits have a specific focus and purpose beyond what a website can portray. Traditionally it is sent to journalists to encourage them to promote the company, but it can also be sent to current and potential clients.
Media kits usually consist of printed materials, but they can also be digitised into a PDF to be downloaded or printed. Though media kits vary widely, here is what you might want to include in your media kit:
  • · Contact details for company employees
  • Information about your company’s products and services
  • Information about your company’s history and mission
  • Press releases explaining details of an upcoming event or product release
  • Images, including your company logo
  • Testimonials from clients
  • Reports of your company’s sales and statistics
  • Frequently asked questions and answers
  • Lists of notable clients
You can also customize your media kit to meet the needs of who you’re sending it to. So, if you’re sending it to a journalist, you could include contact details for employees they could interview. If you’re sending it to a potential client, you could send samples of your product or a list of prices.
So why Is it Important to have a Media Kit?
There are several benefits to a media kit that set it apart from a website or other advertising tools.
1.      It Gives You A Voice and the Information
If you don’t provide information about your company, others will develop their own assumptions. A media kit allows you to present yourself as you want to be seen. It also gives your audience a detailed description of exactly who you are and what you offer. It allows you to be in control of the message that is portrayed.
2. It Saves Time
You can present all your information through your media kit rather than spending hours answering questions your new client or customer may have.
3.      It Helps You Promote  
If you’re launching a new product or service or holding a public event, you want to get the information out to the media. By sending journalists a media kit, they’ll have everything they need to write an article or advertisement informatively.
4.      It Explains Company Processes
A detailed process of how you help clients may be overwhelming in a website setting where people want to browse different pages. Still, in a media kit for a new client, this explanation is of vital importance.
5.      It Helps You Bring on More Customers
The information from your media kit can attract attention from potential customers who wouldn’t otherwise hear about your business.
5.      It Increases Client Confidence
The information in a media kit gives customers confidence that you’re experienced and know how to care for them, creating a likable relationship-building block.
Get Your Media Kit
You can now see how important it is to develop a media kit. To ensure your media kit impresses, Contact Fabulous Business Solutions to have our marketing team create your media kit for you. We can even add the link to your website for easy download.  Check out ours at:


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