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Getting tasks done

Getting tasks done.. like a Superhero

Have you ever had those moments when you accomplish so much you feel like a superhero when you’re finished? If you’re like mi, you get so excited because they are few and far between moments. Mostly because my schedule is usually so packed full of stuff to achieve that it’s ridiculous, and to get it all done is nothing short of miraculous. Somehow, I convince myself I can do it all and do it well. It doesn’t matter if I didn’t sleep well the night before; if I have more to do than the hours in a day, if there is an unexpected spontaneous emergency that needs my assistance, I WILL get it all done.

I must be crazy!

Why do we do that? Why do we put such unrealistic expectations on ourselves? Why do we feel we can’t say “no” or must be all things to everyone? What makes us even think we can do the work of ten people in any given day, look great doing it and achieve it to perfection, no less?

Girl, it’s time to shine! Stop allowing your “to-do” list to dull your sparkle. Stop trying to fix everything; help everywhere and do it all. It was when I realized that I could be “involved” and not be “in charge,” that the “emergency” was able to be handled in another way or by someone else and that every task on the “to-do” list didn’t have an expiration date, that the lightbulb came on.

I used to look at my list and feel trepidation, a sense of urgency, and overwhelming stress that everything on it needed to be done asap, to perfection. On that list was no scheduled time for myself, my mental health, my peace. I had forgotten I could not be there for others if my cup was empty, drained, and stressed. I became mindful of how I manage my time and when I need to take a step back and allow myself time to breathe.

It was then that I created my “TA-DA” list. Instead of beating myself up for not accomplishing things on my list, I now mark them off with great excitement. I smile and say, “‘ ta-da’ another task done.” I relish the ones I DID complete, no longer feeling overwhelmed and definitely feeling like a superhero!

If you’d like a “ta-da” list for yourself, you can get it here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/732380608/tada-note-pad

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Photo credit: Nick Morrison @unsplash

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