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focused on solutions to the obstacles

Embrace the Knowledge. Be Coachable. Be Teachable.

I was gifted with loads of talent and an incredible brain. I’m not bragging, it’s just a proven fact. It’s also a blessing and a curse and something that has stopped mi from living my life of purpose since I was 18 years old. I graduated high school in the top 25% of my class with honors and full-ride college scholarships, multiple awards, and more talent than one person should be allowed. To say I was going to be “this one thing” for the rest of my life was debilitating so I did nothing of much significance with my gifts and talents. I lacked my true purpose and was not living to my full potential. It wasn’t until recently that I learned to embrace what I love as my main purpose and drive.

I have spent most of my life trying to find my niche, and, in my fifties, decided to start my own business. I took classes and honed my skills, attended workshops and trainings to broaden my knowledge and education gaps. I was determined that when my life was over, I could say, “I used everything God gave mi.”

Then last week it hit mi. I CAN do many things, many great and wonderful things. And I should not stop doing them, but what do I REALLY love to do? What really lights my spark? When it comes to what I do, what do I love? What REALLY lights mi up? For mi, that’s an easy question. I LOVE watching things flourish, dreams come true, and helping someone blossom and grow. I love bringing out the best in people personally and professionally. It thrills mi to bring the inside to the outside through my client’s personal and professional images and assist a small business owner or dreamer with brainstorming, branding, and online presence. Or when I’ve assisted a writer in getting their book published and they are holding the finished copy in their hands I am as excited and proud as they are. These are some of the things that really light mi up.

Although I have always been a driven, self-taught, tenacious person this journey has not been one I have travelled alone. I believe in soaking up the wisdom of others. Unlike trying to teach rebellious teens the path of least resistance, I have always been open to embracing new ideas and seeking diverse viewpoints, to expanding my horizons, and making more informed choices by tapping into the collective knowledge and wisdom of those I’ve encountered. It is their positive mindset and my willingness to learn that have benefited mi greatly on this journey.

For example, in my quest to be a photographer, I took courses, worked alongside successful, professional photographers, and had photographer mentors. It was during that time I met with a very successful photographer who strictly made his living through his art which is seen all over Florida. When I asked if my work was any good, he told mi it was as good as anything he had seen out there. I had a natural eye and talent but never stopped learning. He said, “If the day comes, I feel I have nothing to learn I might as well put up my camera.” Those words have stuck to mi like raw egg on carpet.

And when I began my magazine, I had an advisory board. The board members ranged from age 70 to 24 from all races, genders and walks of life. The diversity of their input helped form the publication into what it is nearly 10 years later

In my business solutions company, I rely heavily on my team in areas where I lack education, experience, or expertise. In most cases, they are the “technical side”, and I am the “creative side” and together we produce something magical and unique.

Through the years my personal growth into my purpose has molded the pathway to help others. As I delve more into my “love” of helping people find their potential and flourish, I find many who share my tenacity trait. Others, however, are not as willing to be coachable, to learn, and to seek new perspectives. They have their excuses, (or reasons), or know it already, or any number of things. But the truth is, like my photographer friend said, when we get to where we know it all, we might as well quit.

Even today, in every area of my life, I am continually learning, seeking advice and wisdom from mentors, peers, courses, friends, and various resources.

I encourage you to embrace the knowledge. So what if you already know it, or if you have a mentor, or know someone who can teach you this or that? Be a sponge. Take in everything you can. Keep what you want. Dismiss the rest. Or as they say, chew the meat and spit out the bones.

Being open to learning new things and being coachable are valuable and truthfully, imperative qualities. Being tenacious and self-motivated are important traits, but it’s also imperative to be open and receptive to different perspectives and solutions. By accepting new viewpoints, we gain valuable insights and make more informed decisions in our personal and professional lives. Staying open-minded and willing to learn will help us grow and adapt to new circumstances, allowing us to gain new knowledge and skills. It can contribute to personal and professional growth development. By embracing new ideas and seeking diverse vantage points, we can expand our horizons and make more informed choices. Plus, that knowledge and wisdom is something that stays with us forever and can be carried on to help others flourish, live to their full potential and fulfill their true purpose.
© c. michelle bryant griffin

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